“My entire body changed after 4 weeks of KettleX with Lorna. I feel healthier, stronger and plan on continuing this routine as long as I can. Highly recommended program!” ~ Jessica Azad 

*Results may vary


What are the benefits of Kettlebells?

If you need a unique workout – look no further than KettleX.

By incorporating fluid dance-like movements, the routine is not only easy and fun to do, but highly effective in creating long, lean bodies. The graceful motion and resistance in the KettleX workout creates a body defined and slimmer than ever before.

The KettleX routine sets itself apart by incorporating both resistance training with body tightening cardio. This union translates to a physique that is clearly defined, reduces body fat and increases strength, aerobic capacity and endurance, all thanks to the same workout.

The fusion of resistance with cardio into one workout means great results for you in less time! Weeks, not months, for inner changes that can last a lifetime.