Simple Ingredients

Can you tell me where to go for the best pizza in your neighborhood? Sure you can. That’s because you probably don’t know many people who don’t love pizza. Me neither. They may not eat it often because of dietary reasons, but this simple food is noted as one of the most beloved culinary favorite ever, yet “it’s only dough, cheese, and sauce.”

The Awful Feeling of Constant Hunger…Here’s Help

Do you ever get ravenous just a few hours after you have a big meal? Do you keep looking in your fridge hoping something you missed will magically appear? Do you need that midnight snack before going to bed? We’re all different, and about a third of us have metabolisms that are higher than average, so that’s normal. But if it’s becoming an issue, then chances are you’re feeling that nagging constant hunger because of something that’s awry in your diet. Let’s discuss…

Sleep- THE Great Investment in Your Health

We all know that quality sleep is essential for good health. It’s just no longer trendy to boast about not getting or needing enough ZZZs because you have an insanely busy life. The truth is your life is best served with an adequate amount of sleep each night as it provides your body, mind and spirit with numerous benefits.

Best Protein Sources for Vegans

A few years ago 3 of my close friends simultaneously became vegans. While I’ve cut out many animal foods from my diet, including pork products, I’m far from vegan. But I truly admire what they’re doing and contemplate daily the problems that meat consumption causes to our environment and health, as well as the welfare of animals.

Weight Loss Tips to Ignore

1. Always Eat Breakfast Don’t force yourself to eat in the morning just because you’ve heard that it will boost your metabolism after sleeping all night. Truth is it’s just not necessary, especially if you’re not hungry or aren’t working out in the morning. Evidence has shown that eating or avoiding breakfast has little to […]

Avoiding the Dangers of a Sedentary Job

As you’ve read or heard by now, an inactive lifestyle and working environment has contributed to the new warning that “sitting is the new smoking.” Recent research sadly suggests that sitting, and of course our indulgence with binge TV watching, is taking months, if not years off our lives, even if we do go to the gym.