The Problem with Branding a Style of Movement

As a Kettlebell sport champion, coach, and the creator of KettleX workouts and education, I’m always eager to learn. In my search for knowledge, I often write out my ideas to sift through and solidify or discard them. I’d like to share recent thoughts inspired by a well-respected instructor and Kettlebell trainer.

Healthy Skin is an Inside Job

Forget the expensive creams and serums, want to know what REALLY makes skin healthy and look beautiful? It’s what you put into your body that counts. Here’s what to avoid and what to thrive on for a glow that will get you compliments.

Should Cardio Be Done Before or After Weights?

This is a very common question that people often ask, and for good reason. I used to do cardio prior to taking fitness classes as a way to warm up my body and prime my lungs since I had very bad asthma. But after a weight lifting session it also felt good to move in rhythmic way and zone out for a while.

Enhance Your Fitness with Attention to Weak Links

We all tend to settle into a routine of doing what we do best in our fitness routines. After all, it’s the path of least resistance, it feels good, and it gives us a sense of accomplishment. Yet each of us able-bodied fitness enthusiasts have weak areas or skills that could use a little attention from time to time, in order to maintain muscular balance and symmetry, help us move more efficiently and prevent injuries.

Take it Slow

Today’s world often seems like a force-fed sound bite with time limits on everything from Instagram videos to TED talks. Keep it short and snappy, since that’s the way to catch people’s attention. But the inverse it true when it comes to your own attention, your own success